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Serein Naturals is Committed to Sustainability Initiatives Designed to Reduce our Carbon Footprint

Serein Naturals Uses

Mostly Glass Containers

Serein Naturals (SN) went from using mostly plastic containers to using mostly glass containers, reducing its plastic by over 70% in 2020 across our 20 product offerings. SN also offers a glass refill option when ordering on most of our plastic containers (when in stock) so you can order a plastic container once and reuse it over and over.

Serein Naturals Has a

Recycling Program

In the event you collect a box full of plastic from Serein Naturals, you can text a photo of the open box to 720.837.9703 with your email address to be sent a USPS return shipping label. Yes, you may send glass bottles back, but glass must be packaged a certain way to prevent breakage in transit. That's why you're encouraged to reuse or recycle glass containers (unless you're able to drop off locally in Colorado) and send back plastic containers, as well as any plastic packaging that may have been used to ship your order. 

Serein Naturals Only Uses

Re-used Plastic Packaging

What many companies don't tell you is that the zero waste supplies they order to run their business are often wrapped in plastic packaging and some companies choose to discard it rather than reuse. Serein Naturals prefers to be upfront about it. Whenever you receive an order (in a cardboard box) from SN containing plastic bubble wrap, just know it was never purchased via a plastic packaging company, but was reused from personal and business orders. As we expand, we will call upon our customers to send us their plastic packaging from their Amazon, etc.. orders to help us continue to focus on reused plastic packaging.


Did you know that you can contact companies you order from frequently and request that no plastic be used to ship your order? Some companies honor that request, while others can/do not. If you prefer your SN order not contain reused plastic, please note that in the "Send a Note with Your Order" section. You only have to do that for the first order you request it and it will be noted on your account for future orders. 

How Can We Improve

Our Sustainability Efforts?

If you have suggestions (or questions) please submit a Contact form. 

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