The Best Massage Therapists in Denver!

If you are reading this, it's time for a massage! Whether you're a busy entrepreneur who is always on the go, a professional exec who sits down for 8 hours a day, a full time parent who has a kid (or more) attached to your hip, or your own unique combination of life's responsibilities, you are going to feel your joints ache. Gone is the old way of thinking that massages are an indulgence you only have done once or twice a year. Making time for regular massages is the ultimate self care because not only does it reduce muscle pain and soreness, massages increase your flexibility and range of motion, they can help you sleep better, they can improve your immune system functioning, and relive stress and anxiety. Now finding the right therapist can be difficult; being that I sell Sweet Rub Massage Oil, I've been blessed to meet some of the best massage therapists in the Denver metro area and I want to share them with you, in no particular order as they are all wonderful! Read below to learn more about these four amazing, highly skilled professionals and how to book their services.

1. Micheala Sanders, Nouri Energy

The Soma Alchemist of Nouri Energi is a Denver-based therapeutic healer and Licensed Massage Therapist. She received an Associates of Occupational Studies in Massage Therapy with an emphasis in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Sports Performance Massage, Reflexology in September 2005 from The Colorado School of Healing Arts. Micheala then completed the Spa Sciences and Neuromuscular program at The Colorado School of Healing Arts in 2008. She brings a spa aesthetic to every session so that relaxation and comfort are the first things that are offered to her clients. Micheala completed a four year Shamanic Apprenticeship with Nataline R.Cruz in March 2020 and a Hilot: Traditional Filipino Healing certification from Hilot Binabaylan Academy in February 2021. Micheala is a certified Meditation Instructor and has facilitated women’s groups. She was ordained by the Spiritualist Church of African Traditions Yahweh in August 2020 for Therapeutic Touch, Ancestral Indigenous Practices, and Energy Medicine. Micheala has also completed training in womb healing, yoni steaming, and breathwork over the years.

Micheala integrates her experiences, skills, and intuition to create services that heal the whole person. Micheala specializes in hydrotherapy while incorporating the use of heat and cold with sprinkles of crystal layouts, Reiki, energetic cleansing, Cranial Sacral Therapy - depending on the client’s needs. Micheala has over 18 years of continuous experience in massage, in multiple settings and clients of all backgrounds. She continues to study and is currently enrolled in a Yoga Instructor Certification program to further her therapeutic methods.

What makes your massages unique?

"When I started providing massage services the thing that set me apart from other massage therapists was that I offered hot stones with every massage. Hot Stones are river rocks heated in a crockpot of water. They are usually river rocks from Basalt, Colorado because they are dark and retain the heat for longer periods of time. Hot Stones are the best because the moisture within them penetrates muscles on a deeper level allowing them to melt into relaxation. I still use hot stones but what I believe sets me apart as a massage therapist now is a compilation of things. My commitment to making each session my client’s personal ceremony is the beginning. I incorporate a reconnection with my client’s ancestors through an invocation or prayer at the start of the session. Then I integrate massage modalities, hydrotherapy, crystal healing, energetic cleansing, and energy medicine. Finally, I close the session with gratitude to the ancestors of my client and a blessing. I like to customize each experience based upon the energy of my client, the needs they arrive with, and the treatment that fits the moment. I would say that I use a spa aesthetic with ancestral indigenous practices to heal the whole person. I call what I offer Ancestral Therapeutics."

Book an appointment with Micheala at Use her discount code: Serein25 to receive 25% off for any of her services! This discount will also work her the Monthly Special - the Himalayan Salt Cave Massage!

2. Trey Williams

Thankful Bodies Massage

Trey is a Colorado native who enjoys helping individuals through massage therapy. Having graduated from the Denver School of Massage Therapy in 2011, he now has over 10 years of experience in the profession. During those years, Trey worked for a major massage franchise where he was a lead therapist. In 2019, he decided to follow his vision and open up Thankful Bodies Massage. Trey takes pride in understanding his clients. his ability to intuitively connect with them allows him to personalize sessions that help reduce stress, pain and muscle tension. He looks forward to sharing his gift with as many people as possible! Book Trey at

3. Jahala Walker

Hands of Oshun Healing Massage

Jahala is a Denver native, massage therapist, and certified birth doula who aims to bring holistic health and wellness to the forefront of the community. She offers her services in-home, during special events, and recently began contracting out of Mama Bird Maternity Wellness Center in Aurora, Colorado. She has been a licensed massage therapist for over 5 years and loves bringing healing to those around her.

What makes her massages unique is that she is very intentional. She guarantees you will never have the same massage from her; each time you see her, she aims to thoroughly assess and give your body what it needs in that moment, and no one has ever been disappointed!

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4. Birdie Johnson, Mama Bird

Birdie was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She takes great pride and joy in her 3 children and is an avid reader and swimmer when she is not doing healing work and Doula support. Birdie takes great pride in being the owner of Mama Bird in Denver, where she is a healing practitioner who focuses on meditation, massage therapy, energy healing and Doula support. Her mission is to awaken your full healing potential and support balance to your mind body and spirit. She is committed to providing practical tools and soulful guidance for people to improve their physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

What makes your massages unique?

"Massage therapy is a connection. I am able to tap into a persons energetic field and communicate with the body to find what it is needing, wanting or missing."

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