Denver's Newest Esthetician Brings Fresh Take to Skincare

When you visit Cecelia's in-home spa, you enter a room that's fresh, clean, and comfortable. You're greeted with a smiling face, relaxing ambient music, and refreshing water. You begin by sitting down and discussing your skin in a safe space, much like a releasing therapy session. Then soft sheets wrap your body for the next 75+ minutes while Cecelia works her magic. You leave with an enhanced, healthy glow and a better understanding of how to care for your skin between appointments. These simple yet effective services are offered by Denver's newest esthetician, Cecelia Mims. I sat down with Mims to learn what the process of becoming an esthetician was like, what fresh take she brings to skincare, and much more.

Thank you Cecelia for sitting down with me today; will you please introduce yourself for our readers?

Yes, my name is Cecelia Mims and I am the owner of ClayLove, a line of clay-based hair and skincare products. I also offer the patented ClayLove Kneader Bag which makes the process of using clay easier and more efficient. I am a native of Colorado, a Denver University alumni, and a nature lover who enjoys gardening and the outdoors. I have worked 23 years in the manufacturing industry in procurement, production and quality control. I'm now semi-retired and have turned my interest in natural products for skin and helping teens with acne into a spa business and have recently opened ClayLoveBeauty.

What led you to become an esthetician?

The best way to explain the wonderful benefits of clay and the many ways to best use it is in a conversation; in that conversation I want to be able to address questions and concerns my clients have for their skin. What better way to address those questions than to become a skin specialist! I also love the help teens with the reduction of acne. Just to see their self-esteem increase when the reduction is accomplished is truly priceless!

How was school?

Learning, growing, and developing the skills to help my clients is just what I needed. I've always been inquisitive and adventurous so there was no fear in going back to school - just plenty of excitement! At 64 years old, I figured I would be the oldest student in the class, and I was. The information was much more interesting than I initially imagined which was great! The goal was to learn skin and help my clients so, like a sponge, I far exceeded my goal by learning much more than just skincare.

Since it had been many years from the last time I sat in a classroom and studied, it did have its challenges. After several classes and getting to the subject of skin and skin types, I noticed a difference in the depth of information available for high-melanin skin. Even the book stated that further research is needed about melanated skin. I would like to see the literature used in esthetician school be more all-inclusive and expand on all skin types. My goal in the future is to address my questions with the board and request that the selected textbook contain more of this.

What are your clients mainly struggling with?

The types of issues are many, ranging from mild to more extensive issues to address, but acne is by far the greatest struggle for teens, as well as adults. Most of my clients are requesting services that address acne, acne scarring, and uneven tone (usually a result of their acne).

How do you address this?

I am excited to offer a skin scope, a filtered black light device that allows both me and the client to see conditions that you cannot see with the naked eye. It illuminates areas to address such as dehydration, hyperpigmentation/hypopigmentation, and dead skin. With this device I can see below the corneum, the top layer of skin, as well as excess dead skin, bacteria, fungi, and excess oil. This allows a more in-depth analysis of the skin and is great way to customize the facial before we begin.

The most valuable part of visiting an esthetician to get a facial is learning more about your skin and discussing ways to treat skin concerns. If you need to relax, my facial massage is just what the doctor ordered! My invigorating full facial massage is designed to relax, increase blood flow, and encourage cell turnover for healthier-looking skin.

Also, the best way to remove dead skin is by microdermabrasion. I believe that there is more control over the results and a safer way to remove dead skin than chemical peels.

What makes ClayLoveBeauty Spa Unique?

Adding a facial to your self-care regimen if priceless; I want to be able to allow people who have never experienced the zen of a facial the opportunity do so and to do so on a consistent bases. To make that happen for these individuals the cost would need to be reasonable. I am keeping my cost reasonable and currently offer facials starting at just $55.

What can you clients do at home in-between appointments to care for their skin?

Since every skin type and skin need is different, the home regimen would depend on the goal and need of each person. I believe there is no one method or process that can work for all. Each person will have a regimen for their lifestyle as well as the need of the skin. I believe less is more and natural is better.

What products do you use in your practice and why?

I like a mixture of products which include a Boulder-based brand call Sanitas Skin Care. I like this line because it is designed to mimic the chemistry of the skin. As well, the effectiveness of their products is design to be progressive and not aggressive. The second line I carry is Serein Naturals, a local woman-owned business, to make sure my all-natural, vegan customers are happy and cared for. Serein Naturals is actually a line I personally use for my face and hair! The third line I will add soon is Face Reality skincare because their products are designed for acne-prone skin and guaranteed not to clog the pores. It's for teens who need a little extra care at reasonable pricing.

How has it been going from mainly product-based retail into the service-based industry?

When I completed my esthetician training, my first thought was why didn’t I do this sooner? I genuinely enjoy the work and helping people develop and maintain healthier skin. For this reason, I will devote much of my time to the spa going forward. I will always love providing clay products and educating about the benefits of clay. Spa and clay is a perfect match and customers will be able to make purchases after services are rendered.

This has been great Cecelia thank you! Can we close with your top 5 skin tips?

Cecelia's 5 Skin Tips:

  1. Less is more. Keep the number of ingredients to a minimum. This will make it much easier to identify any contact dermatitis, trouble shooting and control.

  2. Listen to your skin. Things change over time and so does your skin. You will need to adjust your skin regiment and product accordingly.

  3. Be patient. It takes time for the skin to adjust to products, environment and internal additives. Remember the skin can be affected by what is happening internally as well as externally.

  4. Use what you need; if you are treating acne, maybe only spot treat the various infected areas rather that the entire face. Also if using specific product for a particular and the concern no longer exists, stop using that specific product, it may be too harsh to continue using.

  5. Get analyzed. Go get a facial to determine your skin type, check your regimen for improvements and address any areas of need.

Where can clients book with you?

I look forward to service Denver metro and can be booked using this link: