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Meet Jill the Dermaplane Diva

While Jill was completing her dermaplane certification, she called her friend to come to her school for a treatment. Her friend told her she already had a dermaplane at a medical spa a few weeks ago and said her skin was still burning – like it was normal (it's not)! After further discussion her friend admitted that she felt she didn't get the specialized care that ‘melanated’ skin often needs and received a treatment that made her skin worse. It was then that Jill recognized the need for her as an esthetician and African American woman to provide customized treatments to people of color. "Some estheticians get used to doing just European skin, or disregard teachings and don’t recognize that one size doesn’t fit all. So that's where I come in." I learned that an esthetician (sometimes spelled aesthetician) specializes in the beautification of the skin. Estheticians are not medical doctors like dermatologist, but they should often be sought out before a dermatologist as they perform many helpful skin procedures and treatments.

Meet Licensed Esthetician Jill P. Jenkins, RMA, CNA, ST, SA, LE. With each important abbreviation behind her name, she humbly wants to be called "Mz. Jill." She is currently the owner of Faces of Our Nation Pop-Up Estheticians, where she provides specialized services for all skin types (using the Fitzpatrick scale), but with a special emphasis on people of color.

Jill has been in the business of skin for many years. She was born at a U.S Naval Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina and lived all over the world until her family settled in Colorado in 1975; this was her father's last deployment before he retired from the air force. She started her career as a medical assistant, then attended Cambridge College to study surgical technology. She graduated as a nationally certified surgical technologist with a 4.0 GPA. Jill wanted to continue her education so she enrolled at the National American University for CNA to clear her path for the LPN to RN Bridge program at CCD Lowry. After completing one semester, Lowry discontinued this program altogether and soon after she lost her father. Subsequently, an opportunity presented itself to complete the necessary certifications for her to become a first assistant to the surgeon. She then worked at a surgery center, directly under the same surgeon until he retired. In the past few years, Jill has attended the School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics and graduated in July of 2017 as a licensed esthetician. Last year, she did additional training with Michelle Obama's esthetician to become certified in the treatment of multi-cultural Skin. In 2019 she became a registered medical assistant. I recently had a chance to sit down with Mz. Jill and learn more about how her immense background and experience gives her an advantage on improving skin in Colorado, with the goal of going national.

So what makes you the “Dermaplane Diva?”

People think their skin is healthy until a dermplane shows what's really going on! I'm not an esthetician who does it all because I’ve chosen to master one of the most effective face rejuvenation procedures out there. Dermaplaning is like scar revision, but way more cost effective than going to a plastic surgeon. I still use my background and knowledge from my time in plastic surgery and mastering dermaplaning allows me to have more effective consultations. Sometimes I can just look at a person's skin and know what's going on. Some people think shaving their face works just as good as a dermaplane, but that's a huge myth. Dermaplaning is deeper and It’s not a one and done treatment. I recommend committing to three dermaplane sessions which can be done every two weeks, but I usually say 4-6 weeks. It depends on the skin so I always suggest a consultation. I offer $10 in-person consultations and the knowledge you gain makes it well worth the small fee.

How do you feel natural skincare products play a role in esthetics?

More people are moving towards natural, plant-based options and Serein Naturals makes that incorporation easy; I love the Hazel Skin toner! I use it right after a dermaplane because the ingredients are soothing and calming for the skin, which is crucial because we must treat a dermaplane like a sunburn. To care for skin after a dermaplane, use cool water with your facial cleansing products for [at least] 24 hours and use a sunscreen consistently for 2 weeks. I use a couple of sun protectors including Serein Naturals' Hemp Seed Sunscreen after a dermaplane; this is to protect you from any sun damage and get you in the routine of using it every day.

What are the most commons reasons clients are coming in to be seen by you? How do you see Colorado's climate is impacting skin?

Altitude impacts everyone’s skin; you'd be surprised at number of people going skiing after treatments - give it at least 24 hours! Clients come in for smoothing, sun damage repair, hyperpigmentation, pitted acne, scarring, and [maintenance] dermaplanes, which are safe during pregnancy since they’re non-evasive, unlike chemical peels, something I personally don't recommend women of color get anyway (she recommends enzyme treatments instead). I recommend seeing an esthetician before a dermatologist because it's not only more affordable, but it's often faster to be seen and less wait means you can get results sooner. Dermatologists do things outside of my scope, but they often refer clients to us (and vice versa) so we can work hand in hand. Some dermatologists even have estheticians in office to make it easier!

What sets you apart from other estheticians?

I'm old school; nowadays you see estheticians posting pictures of their clients’ faces in vulnerable states which can make clients uncomfortable. Though I may become more digital, I currently accept new clients and booking via text and phone call - everything else is done in-person via pop up events and in-home (one on one or group party) treatments – your home or mine. My clients appreciate that I respect their privacy. Also, any client on retinol/retinoid treatment must stop for at least 72 hours prior to me servicing them and have a clearing note from a dermatologist presented before I begin. It's also a misnomer that people of color don’t need to use sunscreen; I was trained it’s against the law to conduct a treatment and not apply it so it's always a part of my treatments.

What other services do you specialize in?

I do superfood facials, CBD facials, beard maintenance, and while I mainly work on the face, I have a popular body treatment. It's an hour-long body ritual treatment that engages the lymphatic and circulatory system which will show positive results in face as well because I focus on pushing out toxins. I use natural medicine, oils, palo santo, aromatherapy, and will soon be adding CBD to this treatment.

What tips do you have for readers?

Hydration, diet, and sunscreen are keys to healthy skin. If any of those are lacking then you could be erasing your results and aging yourself faster.

Mz. Jill is hosting a skincare popup at the new DIY Beautymat this Saturday, November 16th from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM. You may call, text, or email her to schedule a dermaplane or facial at 303.710.0151 or via; cash only. Walk-ins will be accepted. Feel free to contact her for consultations, questions, and other treatments (like the body ritual or a beard treatment) outside of her event on Saturday.