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Vegan Dessert Recipe for Halloween!

Serein Naturals is all about providing quality vegan hair, face, and body care products so know the same attention is taken when it comes to what we eat, even during the holiday season.

It's been a long time since I've attended a Halloween party, but I'm almost certain that vegan treats aren't a priority at them. Growing up, one of my favorite treats on Halloween was traditional dirt pudding, made with milk chocolate pudding, Oreos, and gummy worms; the original recipe is ridiculously simple and quick to make so I knew I could easily remix this into a delicious vegan and gluten-free delight. The longest part was finding gummy worms free from gelatin (collagen taken from animal body parts). Luckily a grocery chain, Natural Grocers, has them for a third of the cost of Amazon and Whole Foods may have them too. Here's what you'll need (ingredients are for a 10-cup dessert serving):

3 packs of Zen Organic Almond Milk Pudding

(12 individual cups total)

(1) 2.75 oz. Pack of Surf Sweets by Wholesome

Gelatin-Free Sour Worms

(1) Package of KinniToos Chocolate Sandwich Creme Cookies

First, decorate your serving stand so you will be ready to assemble the dessert cups after preparing the ingredients. Don't forget to wash your hands, put on gloves for extra measure, and enjoy the following short prep. Because there's not much to making these, I recommend making them within an hour of serving to guests; that way the cookies don't get stale or too soft from the pudding.

I found it easier to open every pudding cup and pour into a large bowl. After all the pudding is dumped in a bowl, quickly whisk for 30-60 seconds until light and fluffy. Next, take an entire package of the cookies and twist them open one by one. Use a knife to scrape the cream filling off and then break the cookies apart. You don't have to get all the cream off, but the cookies will crumble better without the cream and the sugar content will be greatly reduced.

You can also use a blender to crumble the cookies finer, but the blender type will determine the amount of blending needed. I used a Vitamix on lower speed and I literally only needed to blend for 2 seconds. I also used a knife to break up the few pieces that were still too large.

Now you’re ready to add the ingredients to your dessert cups. I recommend getting a medium side spoon and dumping 3 scoops of pudding in each cup to start. Try to avoid getting the pudding on the sides of the cup where the cookies will sit.

After all cups have pudding, if there is some leftover you can add a bit more to each. With a smaller spoon, add 1-2 scoops of cookie bits and cover the pudding, leaving about an inch of space at the top.

One package of sour worms allows for 1 worm on each, leaving 5-6 worms in the bag. You can apply 2 to some, but keep in mind not every worm in the bag comes out perfect. Now all that's left to do is add a mini spoon to the right side of each cup and assemble on your cake/serving stand.