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Why Your Favorite Body Scrub is Back & Here to Stay

Coco Cool Face & Body scrub was added to the Serein Naturals collection back in 2017 and was an instant hit; customers had a real need for an exfoliator that was gentle yet effective, and by effective I mean a scrub that lasts long enough to lift dead skin cells, polish, and smooth the skin. I, along with many others, added it to their skincare regimen, using it every few days on my face, almost daily anywhere I shaved or waxed, and occasionally giving myself a complete body exfoliation in the shower. So given all its advantages, it may have come as a shock when I decided to stop carrying it online or at events. At the time of the decision I had almost 30 different products, was looking to focus on my top 10 in preparation for the re-launch, and both the Coco Cool and Black Don't Crack Scrubs didn't make the cut.

A couple months went by and I could tell a real difference in the look and feel of my skin, particularly my legs and arms. Exfoliation helps your skin cells to turnover faster and penetrates moisturizers deeper into the skin. It also keeps ingrown hairs on the chin and bikini area at bay. I wasn't ready to start making scrubs again so for the sake of convenience I purchased a couple of brand name scrubs to use. Well let me tell you, that was a mistake. The scrubs were either too coarse (felt like rubbing Epsom salt on my skin) or not enough scrubbing power (it dissolved instantly, causing me to use more and run out quickly without getting results). The worse part for me was that while they were packaged nicely and came in cute colors, the ingredients in them made me extremely uncomfortable using it all over my face and body. Even with an appealing advertised scent, I could still smell the chemicals in them and knew it was likely to irritate my intimate areas. Why does an exfoliator need to smell like perfume or have an artificial cucumber-beach-sweet pea-strawberry-fresh linen scent anyways? Scrubbing is one of the most intense treatments for skin so less is truly more when it comes to ingredients.

That's why I had to bring back Coco Cool. It's is easy to use with simple ingredients, has a naturally pleasant scent, and is safe for all your nooks and crannies. Feel free to continue calling it Coco Cool for short, but I have decided to adjust the name to Coconut Cooling Face & Body Scrub so it tells a bit more in the name. This is a sugar scrub that uses organic coconut and peppermint oil to give you a silky and invigorating scrub; it will leave you feeling truly fresh and clean.

I do not have plans to bring back my Black Don't Crack [activated charcoal] Scrub for now, it was just too messy. I am however going to bring back one ingredient from it and offer Coco Cool 2 ways. You can get the original scrub or with coffee added! Coco Cool Coffee just adds pure Jamaican blue mountain coffee to give your exfoliation an extra boost! It's already my favorite new scrub and I hope will be yours too.

Coconut Cooling Face & Body Scrub - Regular & Coffee

Serein Naturals focuses on healthy, quality hair, face, and body care products with customer service that shows how much I love and appreciate your business. So what are you waiting for?! Let's SHOP.

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