Natural & Fun Gift Ideas for Someone You LOVE

Valentine's Day is 1 week away, are you celebrating this year? Are you prepared? Yes, Valentine's Day is super commercial now and came from a violent roman festival, BUT who wouldn't want to celebrate Love Day? A day to publicly and/or privately let your special someone know how much they mean to you, while knowing the entire country is doing the same. The real deciding question you have to ask yourself is 'Is this day important to my partner, family and/or friends?' You may think the day is bogus, but why upset someone you care about if they want to feel special on a particular day? If in fact it is important to your partner, then Serein Naturals offers products that give the essence of Valentine's Day, but will be enjoyed days, even weeks and months after the day and remain a loving reminder in your home. Here are some tips on ways to celebrate "Love Day," without compromising your 'woke' consciousness on its commercialism and origins.


A Romantic Bath

Find and dust off the candles you haven't used, have a chilled drink or fresh herbs, and a bomb playlist to complete a super easy, affordable, and thoughtful spa night for you and your love. Serein Naturals offers uber luxurious bath salts in vanilla or gummy bear scent. Click here to view product details and purchase. Bonus tip: let your partner relax and soak before asking to join!


A Massage

Give your love a professional grade massage they'll be on their best behavior to get again! Visit YouTube to learn professional techniques and pressure points to send your love into a state of bliss! This is perfect after a relaxing massage, or on its own - all you need is a bed, comfy pillow, a soulful playlist, and Serein Naturals Sweet Rub Relaxing Massage Oil! Indulge in a silky massage oil inspired by love! Enjoy aromas of chocolate, almond, & sweet flowers that all will adore. Whether you're looking to relieve tension, fall deep asleep, or begin a night of pleasure, Sweet Rub by Serein Naturals has got your back, literally! And the best part? It's all natural and can double as an amazing lubricant that doesn't taste too bad either!


Sex - The Way THEY like it!

Now's a good time to ask your partner their wildest fantasy if you don't already know it. Maybe they love you in lingerie and heels, they like sex longer than 10 minutes, or they've always wanted to do it in public! Whatever their crazy desire is, do your best to fulfill it. The whole day could be uneventful, but if you nail it in the bedroom, that's all that counts! Serein Naturals can actually take your enjoyment up a notch! As mentioned above, the Sweet Rub Massage Oil can work as an all-natural lubricant, giving you more pleasure throughout the night. We also have the Coco Cool Face & Body Scrub that will make your nether regions taste like a sweet & delicious candy cane (safe on men and women). So be prepared and be safe, there's a meme going around that no more Scorpios are needed lol.


You CAN have it all this Love Day!

Want an easy way to get all the items I mentioned above? Order the Love Kit! It comes in 2 sizes with everything you need to make a spectacular weeknight in. You can also personalize a love note for your partner to read and cherish. Click here to learn more and order!

Thanks for reading and good luck with your plans!