3 Tips for Better Skin This Year

Most of us set common New Year's resolutions; earn more money, exercise more, take that vacation... but did your skin make the list of goals you want to accomplish and master? This winter has been brutal for healthy, moisturized skin & hair, but it's not impossible to have #SkinGoals all year round. So let's review some easy ways to enhance the health of your skin:


Get a water filter for your shower

We all occasionally buy needless items on Amazon, so this year let's invest in something that can easily transform our hair and skin with no change in behavior!

Just install a water filter & softener in your home! Often times we're using effective products, but if we're constantly using hard water, it can counteract results. Water filters can remove bacteria, algae, heavy metals, and other substances making your water "hard water." Just click the photo of the filter to order on amazon.com.


Get Your Skin Summer Ready

Was your resolution to eat healthy or lose weight? Making positive lifestyle choices almost always has a positive effect on your skin as well. Exercise will not only burn fat, but it will enhance organ functioning, including our biggest organ - the skin! WebMd wrote an article about how "physical activity also helps your skin by increasing your blood circulation, sending more oxygen to your skin cells and carrying cell waste away." It's important to have a good cleansing routine after working out to ensure the mixture of sweat and dirt doesn't cause breakouts. In addition to exercise, consider eliminating alcohol and tobacco use, drinking more water, and eating skin friendly foods like avocados, cashews, and grapefruit. Also, not only should you not drink alcohol, but you shouldn't use it on your skin either. Alcohol will only dry out your skin even more during the winter; use witch hazel, apple cider vinegar or rose water instead.


Get a Routine

It's said to take 28 days to build a habit so February is the perfect month to build and track your skincare routine! Step 1, take time to meet with a dermatologist and pay attention to your skin. Identify the areas doing well and the areas needing care. And not just your face, pay attention to your entire body! It's often the neck and hands that show signs of aging before the face because they're not being cared for. Once you determine how best to balance and treat your skin, then you can start your best routine! Step 2, get your products in order! Every skincare routine should have a good:

  • Face Wash & Exfoliator

  • Toner

  • Moisturizer

  • Makeup remover, & a

  • Makeup skin prep product

Serein Naturals offers facial cleansers, scrubs, toner, and the day & night face moisturizer so please check the shop for more information. Lastly, if you're not already doing the following, please add them to your routine:

  • Drink warm lemon or lime water in the morning

  • Change your silk pillowcase as often as possible and add vinegar to your laundry washes

  • Pay attention to makeup expiration dates; if you're lover of makeup, consider adding makeup expiration dates to your calendar and setting reminders to wash your brushes

  • Let Your Skin Breathe! Take makeup and product breaks to give you skin a chance to reset and works its muscles! Even one day a week can make a difference.

~​Cheers to your best skin yet this year! ~