Thank You MixMomma for the Awesome Review

Denver's 2017 Juneteenth Festival was actually the first major event Serein Naturals attended at in Colorado and it was unforgettable. The amazing vocalists, food, community activist and plethora of unique and fun people to meet and get to know. I had the pleasure of meeting

Janet Damon who runs the Mixed Momma blog and share one of my favorite scrubs, Black Don't Crack, with her. A few days later to my surprise she posted a review of the scrub below:

"It’s summer in Denver and when I noticed this lovely shop owner didn’t have a drop of sweat on her glowing skin I had to find out her secrets! She offered a wide array of products from hair oil to a natural “Lady Powder” perfect for managing hot summer days. But she also offers an amazing secret weapon in skin care, when she opened her “Black Don’t Crack Face and Body Scrub” I was a little skeptical of the moist black charcoal powder inside. But with a minty chocolate fragrance and fascinating texture I thought I would give it a try. Lawd. It’s a miracle worker! A little bit goes a long way and it produces a gentle scrub that melts into a beautiful moisturizing oil on the skin. Love. Love. Love this."

You may read her full review of the Juneteenth festival here: