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Introducing Serein Naturals’ Hair Gold with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Who says you can't improve on a good thing? Adding olive oil to our already powerful hair & scalp treatment Hair Gold was a no brainer! It’s rich in vitamins E, K, & antioxidants which can remove the buildup of sebum that hinders new hair follicles from growing. Olive oil contains emollients which lastingly soften, smooth, & moisturize hair naturally, not like the lab-made versions found in

conditioners, shampoos, & pomades. It's most beneficial for dry, thick hair, but can be used in lesser quantities for thinner, oily hair. Here are additional benefits:

  • Olive oil seals in moisture to the scalp and hair

  • Eliminates dandruff, itching, & split ends

  • Prevents breakage

  • Protects the keratin in hair

  • Adds lasting strength, shine, & smoothness, making hair more manageable.

  • Softens brittle ends and slicks frizzy curls

  • Prevents hair loss & thinning

  • Regrows edges

  • Eliminates ailments related to infections and inflammation

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is just another powerful ingredient added to our amazing formula to give you the best hair possible. Use Hair Gold as a hot oil treatment, pre-shampoo conditioner, regular conditioner replace, daily moisturizer, and more! Visit our Shop for more details on how each product we offer can enhance your hair & body

Starting feeling your hair with Serein Naturals' Hair Gold Today!

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