Directions for Using Hair Gold

DISCLAIMER: Please review the list of ingredients in the FAQ section to ensure you are not allergic to anything. You can also consult an allergist to be tested prior to use, or conduct a scalp/strand test by applying Hair Gold to a portion of your scalp and leaving on overnight. I use Hair Gold on my 6 year-old son, but please consult a doctor or conduct your own research prior to using on young children.

*Please note the first few squirts of Hair Gold may be watery than the rest due to the rose water and oil separating. Store Hair Gold at room temperature because the organic shea butter and organic virgin coconut oil will turn solid if it gets too cold. Some users have put hair gold in warm areas to prevent thickening. Shake vigorously before each use. Start with a clean scalp as often as possible. Hair gold can be (but not limited to being) used in the following ways:

  • Apply directly to your scalp and massage in as often as needed.

  • Warm all or a portion to be used as a hot oil treatment.

  • Cover your hair and scalp with Hair Gold, then a bag and bonnet to insulate overnight. More than likely you will wash out the product in the morning unless you used a modest amount of Hair Gold.

  • Apply to trouble areas and split ends.

  • Use after a shower as a moisture sealant, protecting scalp and hair from dryness.

  • Add Hair Gold to shampoo or conditioner, or use as a leave-in conditioner.