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How to Use a Hair Gold Oil Booster

Does your scalp need cleansing, or your hair need a boost in the growth department? Well look no further!

Serein Natural's Hair Gold Oil Booster (HGOB) was created to let you decide when you take your hair care regimen up a notch. The HGOB has over 60 drops of 9 different pure essential oils, proven to cleanse the scalp and stimulate hair growth. You can apply it directly to trouble areas, like itchy parts of your scalp, where there’s hair loss or thinning, or excessive dandruff/build up. The most popular way is pouring HGOB into favorite shampoo or conditioner to get that invigorating spa-like wash at home. It’s packed with the following 9 Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CTPG) essential oils and topped with organic jojoba and/or wintergreen oil:

  1. Melaleuca (Tea Tree)

  2. Rosemary

  3. Basil

  4. Lemongrass

  5. Geranium

  6. Peppermint

  7. Lavender

  8. Lemon

  9. Lime

A little goes a long way with the OHGOB; it’s very potent and it is not recommended for young children and avoid getting in your eyes and mouth and please wash your hands after use.

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