Take a look at what you’re currently using as a massage oil or lubricant; does it have many unknown, hard to pronounce, and potentially harmful ingredients? Well indulge our all-natural, silky massage oil inspired by love that will also give you incredibly soft skin! Enjoy aromas of chocolate, almond, & sweet flowers that all will adore. Sweet Rub also works as a safe and effective all natural lubricant with no unsavory chemical taste! So whether you're looking to relieve tension, fall deep asleep, moisturize skin, or begin a night of pleasure, Sweet Rub by Serein Naturals has got your back, literally!



Keep Sweet Rub in a warm space, at least room temperature. If oil solidifies, place Sweet Rub glass bottle in hot water for 2-5 minutes, or in microwave starting at 30 seconds. Shake well & make sure the bottle is not hot to the touch before pumping oil into hands and applying to skin.

Sweet Rub Massage Oil



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