Save over $80 and try all of Serein Naturals' products in one easy to use sampler box! You get:

(1) 2 oz Real Cocoa Body Moisturizer
(1) 2 oz Hair Gold Crème
(1) 2 oz Turmeric Face Wash + Mask
(1) 2 oz Vapor-Distilled Rose Water
(1) 2 oz Pure Rose Water
(1) 2 oz Witch Hazel of Your Choosing
(1) 2 oz Sweet Rub Massage Oil
(1) 1 oz Hair Gold Hair and Scalp Treatment
(1) 2 oz Hair Gold KESH Ayurvedic Hair Oil

(1) 2 oz Shea Butter Shampoo
(1) 15 ML Customized Face Oil (please comment your choice)
(1) 50 ml Burdock Cleansing Foam Wash
(1) 3 oz Lady Powder
(1) 1 oz Black Haitian Oil

(1) 2 oz Regular Coconut Cooling Face & Body Scrub

(1) 2 oz Coffee Coconut Cooling Face & Body Scrub

(1) 2 oz Hemp Seed Sun Protection Cream

(1) 1/2 oz Beard Oil

(1) Make it Stick Chapstick

1 Queen of Hearts Aromatherapy Roll-on

1 Logo Reusable Gold Tin with candy

Please review each products' ingredients & instructions for use by click on the product under 'SHOP.' Does not automatically come with box shown and box design provided (if selected) will vary.

Serein Naturals Sampler Box

Skin Type (for face oil)
Hazel Skin Toner Choice
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    What’s the shipping cost?

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    Where do you ship?

    Besides the US and Canada, we ship to most U.S. armed forces addresses globally.

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    We have a RISK FREE 60 day 100% money back guarantee. If you have a change of heart, no problem! Send us back any unused product for a full refund, minus return shipping cost (if applicable).

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  • Quality | Sustainable | Affordable 

    Serein Naturals offers vegan hair, face, and body care products for women, men, and children. The company is rooted in a love and success with essential oils and finding the best ways to harness their power in hair and skincare products.


    Moving Past Plastic 

    While Serein Naturals still offers some plastic containers, we reduced the amount by 70% in 2020. Our vision is to move Serein Naturals forward as a global brand on a foundation of sustainability veganism/plant-based, and self-love. 


    See Yourself in Your Best Light

    You will only get one temple and Serein Naturals is committed to offering effective vegan & cruelty-free hair, face, and body care products that gives you more of the good stuff at affordable prices - all with great customer service! Wanna chat? Call or text Angela at 720.837.9703.  


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