August 20, 2019

Coco Cool Face & Body scrub was added to the Serein Naturals collection back in 2017 and was an instant hit; customers had a real need for an exfoliator that was gentle yet effective, and by effective I mean a scrub that lasts long enough to lift dead skin cells, polish, and smooth the skin. I, along with many others, added it to their skincare regimen, using it every few days on my face, almost daily anywhere I shaved or waxed, and occasionally giving myself a complete body exfoliation in the shower. So given all its advantages, it may have come as a shock when I decided to stop carrying it online or at events. At the time of the decision I had almost 30 different products, was looking to focus on my top 10 in preparation for the re-launch, and both the Coco Cool and Black Don't Crack Scrubs didn't make the cut.

A couple months went by and I could tell a real difference in the look and feel of my skin, particularly my legs and arms. Exfoliation helps your skin cells to turnover...

July 9, 2019

Everyone wants to impress and be impressed in the bedroom (or anywhere the mood strikes). The saying “scent is the strongest thing tied to memory” can mean if you or the space around you doesn’t smell inviting, it may not be the unforgettable, truly immersing experience you were hoping for. Yes, colognes and perfumes tend to have a lovely, lingering scent, but they don’t taste good on the skin, they can’t go in certain places, and they might not arouse a partner who is a lover of all things natural.

The scent you wear and the scents in your car, home, and bedroom can tell a story of romance and what’s to come; it can also make or break a mood so be intentional about how you smell and how the rooms you enter smell (that you can control). Consider adding yummy and intoxicating oils like pure Vanilla essential oil (EO), mixed with Coconut or Almond Oil, to places that you want tasted and playing with a combination of oils that relax yet excite the senses, like pure Rose EO and a combina...

January 21, 2018

Most of us set common New Year's resolutions; earn more money, exercise more, take that vacation... but did your skin make the list of goals you want to accomplish and master? This winter has been brutal for healthy, moisturized skin & hair, but it's not impossible to have #SkinGoals all year round. So let's review some easy ways to enhance the health of your skin:  

Get a water filter for your shower

We all occasionally buy needless items on Amazon, so this year let's invest in something that can easily transform our hair and skin with no change in behavior!

Just install a water filter & softener in your home! Often times we're using effective products, but if we're constantly using hard water, it can counteract results. Water filters can remove bacteria, algae, heavy metals, and other substances making your water "hard water." Just click the photo of the filter to order on 

Get Your Skin Summer Ready 

Was your resolution to eat h...

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